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An Update on Kellie Austin

September 2018

During my brief campaign for the State House (where I lost in the primary by 34 votes), it became clear that to pursue elected office, I must remain without conflict of interest, and a change in career was needed. I chose real estate, as my passion is to help others and to remain focused on my local community and state.

 It seemed a good fit as I do have so many relationships across the state and from my career in consulting and economic development, I know this area very, very well. 

 As to the family, there have been a few changes, as well. As a single mom for a dozen years, my five kids definitely define me.

Mariah married her childhood sweetheart, Noah, on New Years Eve of 2017 and they are expecting my first grandbaby in late January 2019. Noah is a Marine and they live out in the desert of California.

Berechiah graduated highschool after being nominated to the Naval Academy. However, he didn't get a seat at the academy and has chosen to stay home and commute to GGC. He is considering the Marine's internal officer program, the Platoon Leader Class. Of course, he also works fulltime at Rays in Alpharetta. Since his college commute is so short, he decided a long commute to work made sense.

Abgail is a senior at Mountain View this year and she is working at a local daycare. She is planning to go into early childhood education, and says that her time at the daycare isn't really working at all...she just plays with kids all day!

Madelaine is a sophomore and works at a local burger place near the Mall of Georgia. She and Abigail are both trainers for the football program and were lifeguards all summer. 

Sam (formerly known as Sammy) is now in highschool. This means for the first time since I homeschooled (pre-single mom life), all the kids are in one school. Ok, technically, Berechiah is at a different school, and though living at home, I don't think college quite counts. Sam is a starting linebacker for the 9th grade team, following in his brother's footsteps. 

All in all, life is very good and a lot less hectic than during the campaign and with one less teen in the house! While I try to keep up on Facebook, I do a pretty lousy job of it. Even when we don't get together very often, I value all of my friends across the state and maybe we can work together on a real estate project soon! :) 


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